LOL Beslutning’s experimental approach to performance has seen repeated transformation. The same group that produced slew of unpredictable pop albums as Synd og Skam, have now turned to choral lectures, elaborate plays and ‘tutti-songs in opera format'. 

Delivered with the conviction and staging of an underfunded high school musical, these performance have recently toured major art institutions and festivals across Europe.

Perhaps most popular is the ever evolving teen-drama 'Destina & Destine'. Told from inside an SUV in a rained out carpark, it's protagonists 

embark on a double helix journey; their paths

entwining and unravelling as their friendship is tested by emo-emotions, duelling expectations and a mysterious double murder. 

Adjacent to the story and its numerous tangents, soliloquies and samples (Henning Christiansen's infamous tv-opera, 'Den Otteøjede Skorpion', a recurrent motif), the group's inner journey writing, scoring and recording the work over four years is told.

This LP contains 14 tracks and a 40 page libretto charting the work's evolution, with texts in English, Danish and German.

CHF 30 + post. Inquire to order.